Info for exhibitors

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Exhibitors will have the opportunity to

  • Have face-to-face contact with professionals involved the cultural heritage conservation from all over the world. Over one thousand people are expected to attend the conference.
  • Have face-to-face contact with researchers and students at the Universitat Politècnica de València
  • Showcase research results
  • Showcase conservation work of special relevance
  • Showcase and sell publications, tools and products
  • Showcase commercial services of interest to conservation and heritage professionals (artwork transportation, technical appraisal, conservation assessment, etc.)
  • Disseminate the results of public- and privately-funded research programs
  • Disseminate public- and privately-funded scholarships and grant programs
  • Organize demos and talks within the Trade Fair
  • Include a promotional item in the conference bag delivered to each delegate (subject to space availability)

What is included

  • A stand with basic furniture, large-sized printed logo, electric power (220v AC) and small storage space
  • Mounting and dismounting of the stand
  • Internet access (via Wi-Fi)
  • Publication of the exhibitor’s logo on the Conference website
  • Link to the exhibitor’s webpage on the Conference website
  • Inclusion in the catalog to be delivered to the delegates (includes logo, name or title, contact data, a brief description of up to 200 words and a photo or illustration).
  • Publication of the exhibitor’s logo in the Conference campaigns sent by the Conference Organizing Committee
  • 24-hour stand security
  • Daily cleaning services
  • Announcement of demos and meetings on the conference website a week in advance
  • Storage space outside the stand
  • Parking space for one average-sized cars
  • Public dissemination of the event
  • Two Conference inscriptions at a reduced price (260€ per inscription)

Typical exhibitor’s profiles

  • Companies offering tools, consumables for museums and cultural institutions, such as
    • Conservation tools and devices
    • Conservation consumables
    • Exhibition systems and products
    • Environmental control and monitoring systems
  • Companies offering services to museums and cultural institutions, such as
    • Conservation services
    • Exhibition production and design
    • Artwork transportation services
    • Lighting systems
    • Special insurance
    • Conservation training
    • Marketing and communication
    • Digitization systems
    • Art appraisal and analysis
  • Cultural heritage institutions and associations
  • Museums and museum networks
  • Conservation associations
  • Research groups and networks working in cultural heritage
  • Public and private institutions offering conservation-related funding and programs

Visitor’s profile

  • Conservators from the most important museums and conservation centers
  • Technicians from public and private museums, archives and libraries
  • Museum curators and managers
  • Officials and managers in cultural institutions and networks
  • Cultural-heritage researchers and potential researchers
  • Reporters in specialized media
  • Local and Spanish-language media
  • Social networkers: bloggers, vloggers and influencers
  • Conservation and art history university graduates and students
  • Architects and designers


Exhibitor’s fees

S1     Standard stand  (7,5 m2): 1.900 + 399 (IVA) = 2.299 euros.

S2     Double stand (12,5 m2): 2.500 + 525 (IVA) = 3.025 euros.

S3     Custom stand: On demand

The fee includes all the services described above.

You can see a provisional sample of the types of stand design in the following link

Optional services 

A     Inclusion of a promotional item in the pack delivered to all delegates (subject to availability of space):
Service fee: 300 + 63 (VAT) = 363 euros

Become an exhibitor

To become an exhibitor, please download the form from the link below, fill it in, and send it to:

The deadline to reserve a STAND is 15th June.

There are a limited number of stand available, book yours!