The ICOM-CC 2023 TRADE FAIR is a unique opportunity for all those working in the field of conservation to showcase their work and products, be they conservation tools and consumables, research tools, projects or results, training opportunities, specialized publications, etc. Because the ICOM-CC 2023 TRADE FAIR will take place as part of the 20th ICOM-CC Triennial Conference, the trade fair will be visited by numerous professionals from all over the world, maximizing the impact on those who matter most.

Each exhibitor will have a standard or double-sized stand. Customized stands are also available. The stands will be situated on the UPV campus in the middle of the auditoriums hosting the Working Group sessions, in a setting highly conducive to effective networking and communication. Any exhibitors who want a room to deliver a presentation will be able to organize an ‘impromptu meeting’ free of charge (see ‘Impromptu meeting’ for further info).

Dates and schedule

From Tuesday the 19th to Thursday 21st September. The standard opening schedule will be from 9 to 18h. (Of course, exhibitors may set their own schedule within this time frame).

List of exhibitors

A list of exhibitors appears here. The list is being constantly updated and already includes some of the most important cultural heritage conservation companies and institutions.

Demonstrations and talks

Exhibitors may organise demos and talks. These will be announced when the time comes.


Info for exhibitors

Exhibitors can consult detailed information in the INFO FOR EXHIBITORS section.