Technical Visits

Around 30 technical visits to cultural heritage workshops, museums, and institutions in and around València will be offered to the participants in València 2023. In these visits, professionals from the hosting institution will walk the visitors through exhibition rooms, storage areas or conservation workshops, discussing in situ some of the problems and solutions found in each particular case. The visits will be organized in small groups, making interaction and exchange easier, closer and freer than would be possible in larger groups. The list of available visits will be periodically updated and can be checked in the link below. The list will be completed soon. Registered participants will then be able to choose any visit they are interested in (until all places for that visit are booked) through an online form. This will be announced in advance to all participants, both through email and on this website. These visits are included in the participant’s fee. 

Technical visits to some of the most important Spanish museums outside of Valencia will also be offered to participants as a paid option. These museums include the Prado and Thyssen museums and Spain’s National Cultural Heritage Conservation Institute, in Madrid, and the Guggenheim Museum, in Bilbao. The visits will be organized as one-day trips from Valencia and back. 

Those attending need to pay for the additional travel costs. The fees, schedules, number of places, and other info is shown in each visit’s description, here.