Impromptu meetings

What is an impromptu meeting?

An impromptu meeting is an off-programme meeting for a small group of people. The impromptu meetings will gather a maximum of 30 people in a working room within the UPV Conference venues, with basic audiovisual equipment; the meeting cannot last longer than 80 minutes. The topic may cover any conservation-related issue. Impromptu meetings may be proposed in the two weeks before the Conference or during the Conference itself, by any delegate or exhibitor. The topics may be very varied, ranging from an in-person presentation of an EU research project to prospective partners, to a gathering of, say, digital prints conservators doing some network-building or a demo of some new tool or product. The impromptu meetings will be announced on the website as soon as they are assigned a time slot by the organization. Their primary aim is to foster more efficient networking in a flexible, convenient way.


How to organise an impromptu meeting

Simply contact the organization via email or at the Conference desk and request a time slot in the room. This room will be assigned and announced in a matter of minutes.

Impromptu meetings can only be booked from September 11th. 2023 and during the Conference.