A major event in the field of heritage conservation

The Triennial Conferences of the Committee for Conservation of the International Council of Museums are a major cultural event in the field of cultural heritage at a global level. Around one thousand professionals from all around the world, both ICOM and non-ICOM members, gather together in order to share experiences, ideas and insight, to make valuable contacts with colleagues and representatives from heritage institutions, and to keep up to date with the developments and trends in the field of cultural heritage conservation. After the success of Copenhagen 2017 and Beijing 2020 (in online format), Valencia 2023 has been designed to be an exceptional opportunity for networking, including a number of carefully selected lectures, a trade fair, social events, technical visits. Valencia 2023 even provides the delegates and exhibitors with the unique opportunity to organise ‘impromptu meetings’ for small groups of interest.

When and Where

The 20th ICOM-CC Triennial Conference will take place in Valencia, Spain, between Monday 18th and Friday 22nd September 2023. Valencia is a modern, welcoming and vibrant city on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, with a very rich cultural heritage. It is definitely worth a visit: be sure to check out the info in the ‘València’ tab.

The Sessions

The Plenary sessions will be held on Monday 18th September and in the afternoon of Friday 22nd September. The Plenary session on Monday 18th will include welcome speeches and the ICOM-CC Triennial Lecture in the morning. Keynote speeches will be given in the afternoon. The ICOM-CC General Assembly will take place during the afternoon of Friday 22nd September.

The presentations of papers and posters will be the backbone of the Triennial Conference. Around 160 paper presentations selected by ICOM-CC will be delivered in five parallel Working Group sessions between Tuesday 19th and Friday 22nd September. About 100 posters will also be on display at the Universitat Politècnica de València Conference venue. The exact schedule will be determined in due time, and will appear in the ‘Programme’ tab. 

Professional events: Trade fair, Technical visits and Impromptu meetings

The whole Triennial Conference is designed to foster communication and networking among delegates by providing a unique opportunity not only to learn about the challenges being faced (and solutions developed) by colleagues from around the world, but also to make fruitful professional contacts.

From Tuesday 19th to Thursday 21st September, the Trade fair will bring together a number of important conservation companies and institutions, including some of the most important suppliers, publishers and conservation tool makers.

The afternoon and evening of Wednesday 20th September, delegates will have the chance to visit different conservation centres and museums in and around Valencia, and in Madrid. The delegates will be organised into small, manageable groups so as to allow for a closer contact between them and with the on-site staff. Please do not forget to sign up to your desired Technical Visit on Registration – seats are limited.

‘Impromptu’ means ‘improvised’: An ‘impromptu meeting’ is a small meeting organised during the Triennial Conference, or shortly beforehand, as the need arises. Imagine, for instance, that some delegates find it opportune to offer information on a given topic (an internship programme, a particular technique, a research project) to a small audience of interested people: during the Conference they will be able to organise an ‘impromptu meeting’ in a well-equipped small working room. 

Social Events

Registration includes both a welcome and a farewell reception. These will take place in the Institut Valencià d’Art Modern and in the Caixaforum Cultural Center.

In addition to the welcome and farewell cocktails, the registration also includes five light morning refreshments (Monday through Friday), four light afternoon refreshments (Monday through Thursday), one lunch (Monday), and, optionally, four lunches (from Tuesday to Friday).

On the evening of Tuesday 19, a classical music concert will be offered at the San Nicolás church, in the historical center of Valencia, for registered participants.

On Wednesday 20, an exhibition of Technology and Heritage will open at the n-1 space, at the UPV campus.

There will also be a Conference Dinner on Thursday 21st September, which is an optional extra. 



The delegates will get a digital copy of the Triennial Conference Preprints. In all, these will total around 130 high-quality papers and around 100 abstracts of posters.


The language of the Triennial Conference will be English. However, as this will be a truly worldwide event, expect to hear several different accents throughout the conference: British English, American English, Australian English, Indian English, Spanish English, French English, Arab English, Japanese English, etc.: any variant is welcome; your English is indeed welcome regardless of its accent and level. Furthermore, simultaneous translation into Spanish will be provided in the Plenary Sessions, by courtesy of TruVue® .