Working Group list

Titles and authors of posters (arranged by Working Group)

Posters must be mounted for display between 8 and 10 a.m. on Tuesday, 19 in the entrance hall of the UPV Paraninfo auditorium. The posters will be visitable at any moment during the Conference.

Archaeological Materials and Sites

  • When archaeological documentation replaces the originals: The paintings of the chapel of the palace of Mari in Syria about 2200 BCE COURAL Natalie, Sophie Cluzan
  • Khufu’s first boat transportation to the Grand Egyptian Museum: An integrated approach to the sustainability of museum objects HAMZA Nagmeldeen, Atef Moftah, Dr.Eltayeb Abbas, Dr.Mostafa Waziry, Eissa Zidan, Islam Shaheen, Mohamed Elseaidy, Mohamed Ragab
  • Archaeometric study of pot sherds from a pre-Harrapan site in Kunal, Haryana, India KUMAR Dharini, Satish Pandey
  • Beyond cleaning: Evaluation of the effect of treatment on archaeological bone and taphonomic studies VALTIERRA PEREIRO Noé, Lloyd Courtenay, Lucía López-Polín

Art Technological Source Research

  • Engaging museum visitors with colour materiality: The 19th-century colour revolution through the lenses of MA-XRF GHIGO Tea, Jane Cockcroft, Victoria Jenner
  • The threads of the past weaving the future: Exploring 18th-century Portuguese and French wool dyeing recipes NABAIS Paula, Dominique Cardon, Mara Santo, Mila Crippa, Rita Salvado
  • Between past and future: Using historically accurate reconstructions to preserve madder colours OTERO Vanessa, Artur Moro, Maria João Melo, Tiago Veiga
  • The Consortium for the Research of Artists’ Materials Archives (CAMA) VAN DEN BERG Klaas Jan, Ester Ferreira, Gunnar Heydenreich, Inken Holubec, Rika Pause, Vanessa Schwaderlapp, Wibke Neugebauer


  • The roofs of Dubrovnik: A memory of the Adriatic Pearl KOJAN GOLUZA Kristina, Alexandra Jeberien, Vasilija Jovanovic
  • Image analysis of the past and present on Tutankhamun’s collar RAGAB Mohamed, Enas Mohamed, Hasnaa Abdrabbo, Islam shaheen, Midori Yokoyama, Mie Ishii, Mohamed Ayad

Education and Training in Conservation

  • The Dutch Method Unfolded: Achievements in 2022 and future perspectives FROMENT Emilie, Ella Hendriks, Esther Van Duijn, Melissa Daugherty
  • The role of fieldwork in training archaeological conservators: Acquiring skills and enhancing employability LÓPEZ-POLÍN Lucía
  • “Training the trainers”: Using ICOM’s solidarity project at the Museum of Christian Art in Goa REIS Ana Teresa, António Candeias, Frazer Andrade, Glen Fernandes, Natasha Fernandes, Noah Fernandes, Priti Carvalho
  • Implementing disaster risk management training to achieve sustainable development goals in Asian museums SHARMA Deepakshi, Masoud Nakhaei, Sana Durrani Rizwan
  • Revising the University of Amsterdam’s conservation program: Visible learning trajectories STOLS-WITLOX Maartje, Arno Witte, Ella Hendriks, Evelyne Snijders, Ilja Boor, Kate van Lookeren Campagne, Lydia van der Meij, Maarten van Bommel, Sandra Cornelisse

Glass and Ceramics

  • Into the fire and out again: Challenges of a cross-institutional technical study of historic porcelain during a very modern age BARACK Sarah, Jessica Walthew, Thomas Lam
  • Differences in Eastern and Western conservation pedagogy: Two case studies QIN Daran
  • Preventive conservation and cleaning of the Manuel González Martí medieval ceramics collection at the National Museum of Ceramics and Sumptuary Arts TOMÁS Ana, Ana Tomás-Hernández, Carolina Mai Cerovaz, Inma Félez Bernad, Laura Osete Cortina, María Isabel Justo Fernández
  • FDM and LCD printing technologies for the conservation and restoration of porcelain ZHOU Yang, Elvira Aura-Castro, Esther Nebot Díaz

Graphic Documents

  • The FRIABLE project and investigation into the layer build-up and fragility of friable-media drawings: The case of Léon Spilliaert’s «Spring» SAUVAGE Leila, Alison Grotz, Estelle Van Geyts, Inga Rossi-Schrimpf, Juliette François, Lieve Watteeuw, Lise Vandewal, Marie-Noëlle Grison, Marjolijn Debulpaep
  • Conservation treatment of a watercolour with salt crystal formations WOOD Katherine, Julian Bickersteth, Lorraine Leung, Suati Rojas

Leather and Related Materials

  • A 16th-century instrument to create damask leather: From Månsson’s drawing to the prototype MORETTI Federica, Mara Nimmo, Mariabianca Paris, Marina Marchese
  • Using mass spectrometry to reveal the leather craft of boots from AD 220–AD 420 made in Xinjiang, China YANG Hailiang, Hailing Zheng, Rulin Yang, Yang Zhou


  • Corrosion in soil: Investigation on archaeological iron artifacts BRAMBILLA Laura, David Mannes, Elodie Granget, Mahdieh Shakoorioskooie, Myriam Krieg, Ocson Cocen, Pierre Blanc
  • Evaluation of the corrosivity of plastics on metals in scientific and technical collections CANO Emilio, Blanca Ramírez Barat, Joaquina Leal, Maria Matesanz, Maria Teresa Molina
  • Integrated diagnostic techniques for Tutankhamun’s vulture goddess (Nekhbet) collar: An attempt to recover the original shape ELMARAZKY Abdelaziz, Ahmed Abdrabou, Hussein Kamal, Nesrien Kharboush
  • Mysteries from the depths (of your collections): Unlocking the full potential of archaeological artifacts in museums HAINES Lesley
  • Sustainability at every level MCGATH Molly, Elsa Sangouard
  • De-restoration of an Islamic metal ewer: The role of scientific analysis in conservation practice TIMBART Noelle, Anne Maigret, Carine Juvin, Chloé Paillard, Christine Pariselle, Elsa Lambert, Manuel Leroux, Nathalie Balcar, Yvan Coquinot

Modern Materials and Contemporary Art

  • The installing manual as a sustainable tool for the conservation of the immaterial aspects of the installation ‘Marulho’, by Cildo Meireles MARQUES STELZER Karoline
  • Energy-saving results of the treatment of time-based media artwork ‘Tall Ships’ by Gary Hill OWENS Samantha, Cass Fino-Radin

Murals, Stone, and Rock Art

  • Pyrite decay in the “Posidonienschieferwand” of the Stuttgart Parliament GASCÓ MARTÍN Cristina
  • Preventive conservation of street art in Ripollet (Barcelona) GASOL Rosa, Núria Avecilla

Objects from Indigenous and World Cultures

  • Saponified materials removed from pit 111 in Paterna cemetery: Using essential oils to control biological risk BOSCH-ROIG Pilar, Albert Costa Ramon, Carolina Mai-Cerovaz, Nuria Gil Ortuño
  • Forgotten Indigenous remains in university-museum collections: The shift from reaction to action WATTS Amanda, Dyana DeCoteau Dyess


  • Restoration of large-format historical paintings for the reopening of the University of São Paulo’s Museu Paulista CARVALHO Raul
  • The “Ehrenfelder Klammer”: A non-destructive fixing for backing boards on the wooden stretchers of paintings without decorative frames DEMUTH Petra, Andreas Hoppmann
  • Time evolution of mechanical properties and shrinkage of drying oil paints JANAS Arkadiusz, Arkadiusz Janas, Cecil Andersen, Damien Favier, Laura Fuster-López, Lukasz Bratasz, Marion Mecklenburg, Mikkel Scharff, Patrick Kékicheff, Roman Kozlowski
  • Konjac/xanthan binary mixture hydrogel for the cleaning of water-sensitive modern oil paintings OKUYAMA Momoko
  • Eukaryotic organisms and canvas paintings as suitable habitats for their development: Boric acid under scrutiny OLIVEIRA URQUIRI Haizea, María del Pilar Bosch Roig, Susana Martín Rey, Victoria Vivancos Ramón
  • The narrative of Vilhelm Hammershøi revised. Investigating the artist’s use of cobalt blue, chromium-based green and cadmium yellow PASTORELLI Gianluca, Anne Haack Christensen, Annette S. Ortiz Miranda, Gianluca Pastorelli, Loa Ludvigsen, Pauline Lehmann Banke, Troels Filtenborg
  • Liquid methylcellulose foam as an adhesive-filler for lifted stiff paint flakes: The case study of ‘La Salle des Cariatides au Louvre’ RITLER Magdalena, Angela Eysler, Karolina Soppa, Nadim Scherrer
  • The different phases/faces of Mary in Maarten van Heemskerck’s «Saint Luke Painting the Madonna» ROEDERS Jessica, Erich Uffelman, Mireille te Marvelde
  • White pigments in watercolor paintings by Josef Lada ŠEFCU Radka, Irena Nývltová, Radka Šefcu, Václava Antušková

Photographic Materials

  • Removing ink stains from gelatin silver photographs with rigid agar-agar gel MASIELLO Ana
  • Documentation and methodological study of photographic heritage NIETO VILLENA Alejandra, Álvaro Solbes-García, José R. Martínez, Juan C. Valcárcel-Andrés

Preventive Conservation

  • Insights on some wrapping materials used for plastic objects BALCAR Nathalie, Cloé Brun, Juliette Dignat, Lucille Royan, Maroussia Duranton
  • Cultural and professional sustainability in Jondishapour Museum of Trade History FOROOZANPOUR Sahar, Khosro Roodani
  • An extraordinary community engagement initiative for the preservation of cultural heritage in the Americas: APOYOnline Manos a la Obra HASPO Beatriz
  • Sustainable conservation of theater heritage: An integrated project to research, digitize, and conserve the Bélgica Castro and Alejandro Sevieking Collection HERRERA Daniela, Cecilia Beas, Daniela Herrera
  • Conserving energy: A multidisciplinary effort to establish a sustainable climate in the Rijksmuseum VAN DUIN Paul, Brique Sibbing, Ewout Heuker, Gerrit Engberts, Lisette Vos, Rianne Luimes
  • Collections on the move VINJE-CHRISTENSEN Sigrid, Mette Bing Espedal

Scientific Research

  • Visualising the interior and exterior of art objects in 3D by combining X-ray computed tomography and surface scans BOSSEMA Francien, Daniel O’Flynn, Erma Hermens, Joanne Dyer, Joost Batenburg, Paul van Laar, Suzan Meijer, Tristan van Leeuwen
  • A comprehensive study of botanical wet collections conservation issues BRAMBILLA Laura, Elodie Granget, Marion Dangeon
  • Investigating the materials and techniques used in traditional miniature paintings of Rajasthan CHARI Celia, Anjali Jain, Georgina Rayner, Jinah Kim, Katherine Eremin, Narayan Khandekar
  • Development of theoretical models of airborne corrosion on iron objects from solid-state electrochemical methods DOMÉNECH-CARBÓ Maria Teresa, Antonio Doménech-Carbó, Mara Peiró-Ronda
  • Model system development for the in-situ monitoring of metal soap protrusions DUIVENVOORDEN Jorien, Donata Magrini, Francesca Rosi, Georgios Karagiannis, Haida Liang, Jana Striova, Katrien Keune, Piotr Targowski
  • The Greener Solvents project: A «Sustainability in Conservation» initiative FIFE Gwendoline, Annalisa Marra, Izabella Gill-Brown, Karoline-Sofie Hennum, Lisa Clifford, Rosie Grayburn
  • Long-term behavior testing and characterization of sustainable and waste-renewable 3D printing materials for art preservation HIGUERAS María, Margarita San Andrés, Marta Pérez-Estébanez, Ruth Chércoles, Sonia Santos
  • A non-invasive X-ray diffraction technique unaffected by sample morphology: Illustrating capabilities through the study of the technology and condition of wall painting fragments HILL Joshua, Austin Nevin, Craig Hiley, Graeme Hansford
  • Green strategies to conserve the past and preserve the future of cultural heritage (GoGreen) KEUNE Katrien, Arianna Traviglia, Austin Nevin, Caitlin Southwick, Claire Betelu, David Thickett, Edith Joseph, Joel Taylor, Loic Betrand, Maartje Stols-Witlox, Marco Mauri, Silvia Prati

Sculpture, Polychromy, and Architectural Decoration

  • Conservation of 19th century polychrome plaster Stations of the Cross: Overpaint removal challenges and treatment JITARESCU Alis, Adam Godijn, Dr Elizabeth Carter, Julian Bickersteth
  • Study, conservation and restoration of a 16th-century stucco polychrome relief from the National Museum of Ancient Art in Portugal MARTINS Joana, Conceição Ribeiro, Maria João Vilhena
  • Dealing with soluble salt contamination: The case study of the Louvre Museum’s Asyut dog TIMBART Noelle, Anne Maigret, Hélène Guichard, Marc Etienne, Olivier Rolland, Philippe Bromblet, Sophie Duberson, Véronique Verges-Belmin, Yannick Vandenberghe


  • Innovative mounts for the display and preservation of King Tutankhamun’s textiles YOSRI Mohamed, Hend Yassin, Hussein Kamal, Menna Allah Mohamed, Midori Yokoyama, Mie Ishii, Mina Shibata, Sarah Ismael
  • Applicability of darning stitches to textile conservation ZHANG Mengying, Ana Albano Serrano, Marjolein Homan Free

Theory, History, and Ethics of Conservation

  • Smells with cultural value: How to recognise and protect this heritage at risk? BEMBIBRE Cecilia, Alison Heritage, Inger Leemans, Jane Henderson, Matija Strlic, Nancy Bell, Sophie Elpers
  • Digital humanities for the conservation of cultural heritage GALÁN Ana, Stefano Magnolo
  • A road map towards a global infrastructure for heritage science GRISON Marie-Noëlle, Annelena De Groot, Gadis Fitriana Putri, Glennis Rayermann, Maria Laura Petruzzellis, Tamar Hestrin-Grader
  • Hybridization as an example of economic sustainability: A case study on the Finnish Music Museum Fame LAUKKOSKI Helena
  • A conservator as an art doctor: The role of medical metaphors in conservation OKAWA Yuka

Wet Organic Archaeological Materials

No posters

Wood, Furniture, and Lacquer

  • Australian treasure from Europe: Conservation treatment of a 14th-century medieval episcopal throne DABROWA Barbara, Grzegorz Dabrowa
  • New insights into the materials and manufacturing techniques used to paint a late period wooden Bastet statue MOUSTAFA Mohamed, Abdelaziz Elmarazky, Medhat Abdallah
  • The mock-up: A complementary element to understand the mechanical behavior of cradled panel paintings VERSCHUEREN Norman, Delphine Jullien, Jean-Christophe Dupré, Meriam El Ouahabi