Working Group list


Titles and authors of papers (arranged by Working Group)

Please note that this list may change as contributions are finalized.
The list is organized by Working Group and not by order of presentation. The conference program will be provided in due course.

Archaeological Materials and Sites

  • The impact of protective shelters on the megalithic structures of Malta: Looking at the past through non-invasive approaches FAIETA Rosangela, Daniel Micallef, Joann Cassar, Josef Caruana, Mantas Valantinavicius
  • How studying ethnographic accounts of pottery firing assists in determining deterioration pathways for low-fired archaeological pottery JONES-AMIN Holly
  • Study and application of polymeric bandages in archaeological conservation SHEN Dawa, Huihui Yang, Jing Du, Naisheng Li, Xingling Tian, Yue Chen, Zheng Jia
  • Efficient capture of odorous organic compounds emitted from Egyptian mummies by metal-organic frameworks : A challenging new conservation approach TIMBART Noelle, Agnès Lattuati-Derieux, Isabelle Colson, Nathalie Steunou, Patrick Pires-Conti, Sabine Devautour-Vinot, Sanchari Dasgupta

Art Technological Source Research

  • The variability of yellow chromate pigments in Czech paintings ANTUŠKOVÁ Václava, Ivana Turková, Jana Luxová, Marek Kotrlý, Radka Šefcu, Žaneta Dohnalová
  • An art technical study and examination of mediaeval Islamic paper colouring techniques EBEID Hassan, Fabiana Di Gianvincenzo, Irena Kralj Cigic, Matija Strlic
  • The materials and techniques used by Joan Miró: A study of the historical sources SERRAT Elisabet, Anna Vila, javier becerra
  • Varnish technology during the 17th and 18th centuries: The introduction of shellac for wood coatings ZUMBÜHL Stefan, Christophe Zindel


  • Reconstructing silk textiles with a 3D virtual loom GAITÁN Mar, Cristina Portalés, Ester Alba, Manolo Pérez
  • Re-contextualisation of museum objects using 3D scanning technology for rematerialisation, simulation and extended reality applications GAJARE Rashmi
  • Non-invasive imaging systems as tools for evaluating treatments: The case of «Bathers» by Henri Matisse ORTIZ MIRANDA Annette S, Loa Ludvigsen, Pauline Lehmann Banke
  • Display and utilization of X-ray computed tomography data from the Sword of Liao, King of Wu YAN Wen

Education and Training in Conservation

  • Planting the seeds of conservation: Sustaining the past by investing in our future CHASE Ellen, Laura Hoffman, Leah Bright, Matthew Lasnoski
  • Artwork, budget, sustainability and attractiveness: A board game designed for preventive conservation in museums LIU Yuhui
  • Cultural heritage at risk due to climate change: Challenges for conservation education and training in Japan MATSUDA Yasunori, Kosuke Takatori, Shinnosuke Ono, Takashi Mizuochi, Takuma Niimi, Yoshiko Sato
  • ‘Facelifts & Makeovers’: Educating a larger audience about the mysteries and challenges of conservation MELONI Sabrina, Quentin Buvelot
  • Developing empathy in undergraduate conservation students through basketry OWCZAREK Nina
  • Developing teaching strategies based on global initiatives PLOEGER Rebecca, Aaron Shugar, Alison Murray, Kyna Biggs
  • Do touch that dial! Experimental learning as a tool in time-based media art conservation training SNIJDERS Evelyne, Ellen Jansen
  • A sustainable future for endogenous conservation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo VERBEECK Muriel, Francine Mava
  • An interdisciplinary approach: The MA program in Art History and Conservation of Buddhist Heritage at The Courtauld WONG Lori, Sujatha Meegama

Glass and Ceramics

  • Mirrored with molten lead: Convex mirror glass through the ages EGGERT Gerhard, Andrea Fischer
  • Dilemmas and strategies for the conservation of tiled surfaces: A case for tilework in Bidar, India GILL Maninder Singh
  • Deterioration characteristics of the glazes on Tang dynasty Jun ware from Lushan Kiln, Henan, China LI Zhimin, Jiachang Chen, Shasha Long, Xinguang Wang
  • Tiffany Studios’ Hartwell Memorial Window: Innovations in glass and conservation engineering SABINO Rachel, Andrew Talley, Diane Rousseau, Elizabeth McGoey, Ken Sutherland

Graphic Documents

  • The use of enzymatic gels in the conservation treatment of Mendelssohn’s ‘Green Books’ DELATTRE Celine
  • Permanently bright? Predicting light-induced changes in white paper: Preliminary results KERN Marie, Fabienne Meyer, Georg Dietz, Giulia Vanucci, Irene Brückle, Stefan Röhrs, Thomas Prestel, Ute Henninges
  • Original or fake? Investigating the provenance of a historic map MALEŠIC Jasna, Andrej Hirci, Klara Retko, Lea Legan
  • Digitisation of art on paper: Attempting to represent materiality in the works of Ray Howard-Jones, a 20th century female Welsh artist MCLEES Fiona

Leather and Related Materials

  • Five biblical figures on gilt leather: Study, conservation and dating BONNOT-DICONNE Celine, Dominique Fromageot, Elsa Puharré, Jean-Pierre Fournet, Laurianne Robinet, Lucile Beck
  • Modular gravity-based suspension system for gilt leather wall hangings BRANDS Godfried, Amber M. Brands, Elizabet Nijhoff Asser, Eloy Koldeweij, Herre de Vries, Martine Posthuma de Boer, Sarah A. Brands
  • Natural fungicides: A solution for fungus prevention in the preservation of leather-based cultural artefacts KUMAR Nitin, Achal Pandya, Gabriela Krist, Satish Pandey


  • Conserving church bells: Answering for whom the bells toll ODEGAARD Nancy, Gina Watkinson, Luke Addington, Ron Harvey, Starr Herr-Cardillo, Susie Moreno
  • Conservation of the gilded repoussé surfaces at Seto Machindranath Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal PANDEY Chetan, Aditi Nagar, Dhruvika Bisht
  • Assessing and predicting sustainability for maintaining silver collections THICKETT David, Marianne Odlyha, Paul Lankester

Modern Materials and Contemporary Art

  • Eternal life for Land Art BEERKENS Lydia, Anne Reenders, Lisa Le Feuvre, Veronique Hoedemakers
  • The blue wall reliefs by Yves Klein in the Gelsenkirchen Music Theater (1957–1959): Examination of materials and creative process BLASCZYK Rabea, Gunnar Heydenreich, Nelly Paletta
  • Repainting an outdoor sculpture by Damien Cabanes: Technical and ethical issues for conservation BOLLARD Clementine, Gilles Barabant, Nathalie Balcar
  • Sustaining digital film and video art at the Museum of Modern Art BROST Amy
  • Articulating the intent in conservation: (Re)collecting and (re)creating ‘Blikk’ (1970–2022) CHANG Jina
  • Cleaning methods for 3D-printed polyamide-12 artworks made by selective laser sintering KRUITHOF Marieke, Bill Wei, Ellen Jansen, Suzan de Groot
  • Preserving «The Preserving Machine»: Sustainability in conservation of contemporary art PEISA Saara
  • Out of the blue, into the future: Conservation as a conceptual continuation of the artwork STABIK Bascha, Julia Hartmann, Theo Lange
  • Forever elastic? Comparing the effects of cold, cool and anoxia on the properties of rubber VAN ROOIJEN Olivia, Agnes Brokerhof
  • The future of the past: Preservation of «Gertrude Stein,» a robot sculpture by Nam June Paik VERGEER Michelle, Gwendolyn Boeve-Jones, Kimberly Frost

Murals, Stone, and Rock Art

  • Three-dimensionality in Palaeolithic cave art: The use of natural rock shapes as an artistic technique and their conservation ASIAIN Raquel, Pedro Saura
  • Stuck like glue: Wood tar as a medieval stone adhesive EBERT Bettina, Torbjørg Bjelland
  • Visualizing detachments in the wall paintings in Qutan Temple, Qinghai Province: New technology HEQIANG Niu, Fu Youxu, Wang Wanfu, Wu Fasi
  • Techniques of wall paintings in the Sakyamuni Temple, Mangyu, Ladakh MENON Sreekumar
  • Change and continuity: Significance and physical history in the conservation of 16th-century Great Siege wall paintings, Valletta, Malta PORTER Jennifer Herrick, Chiara Pasian, Mariia Gorodetska, Naomi Ruiz, Stephanie Parisi, Teal Patterson
  • Innovating traditional recipes: Sustainable watercolour formulas for retouching wall paintings in the Prince’s Palace of Monaco PRÉVÔT Sophie, Carolina Vatteroni, Julia Greiner
  • The convergent cleaning and consolidation of a Carrara marble monument THORN Andrew

Objects from Indigenous and World Cultures

  • Ontology and knowing: A framework for conserving a rare musical instrument within and beyond the archive COOK Rosie, Luqmanul Chakim, Margaret Kartomi, Nicole Tse
  • Moving toward sustainable conservation: Experience of the Museum of Archeology and Ethnology DELGADO VIEIRA Ana Carolina, Paulo de Souza Santos, Salvador Pablo Antonio Vásquez
  • Sustainable conservation of Loong: The world’s oldest processional dragon JONES-AMIN Holly, Doug Lougoon, Leigh McKinnon, Marica Mucic, Penny Tripp, Reyhane Mirabootalebi
  • Sustaining Acoma textile traditions KASTAN Marina, Allison McCloskey, Dakota Hoska, Sarah Melching
  • Decolonizing the museum and conservation by revitalizing traditional knowledge and know-how MONOT Lucie
  • Maguey paper manufacture: Reproduction of the pre-Hispanic technique SÁNCHEZ ALONSO Itzel


  • Assessment of acidity and salinity of hydrosensitive painted surfaces: Reliable pH and conductivity data for designing cleaning strategies and scientific models AGUADO Elena, Chiara Bianchi, Marian García
  • Frans Pourbus and Louis XIII at LACMA: A possible early example of an artist transfer ALBERTSON Gerrit, Laura Maccarelli, Yosi Pozeilov
  • A Valencian masterpiece in Utrecht: Technical analysis of a painting by Joan Reixach ALBRECHT Marya, Gert van Gerven, Melissa Daugherty
  • Richard Bergh’s “Konstnärsforbundets styrelse”: Painting techniques in a contemporary context and their impact on conservation CACERES JARA Luis Fernando, Kathrin Hinrichs Degerblad, Kriste Sibul, Mikkel Scharff, Tom Sandström, Troels Filtenborg
  • From purple to brown: Using degradation products in reconstructions of a complex smalt paint mixture in ‘The Night Watch’ to study color change CARTER Jessica, Annelies van Loon, Emilie Froment, Katrien Keune
  • Thinking of the big picture: A practical solution for matt paint consolidation of large-scale Southeast Asian banner paintings at the Walters Art Museum FRENCH Karen, Gillian Quinn
  • Selective cracks: Mapping damage from pigment-medium interaction in three neo-plastic oil paintings. FUSTER-LÓPEZ Laura, Ana María García-Castillo, Costanza Cucci, Francesca Caterina Izzo, Maite Martínez-López, Marcello Picollo, Miguel Ángel Herrero-Cortell
  • Different values at stake: Decision-making in the conservation of religious painting ensembles HUPKES Marjolein, Julie Fassbender
  • Monitoring the deformation of a historic 16th-century wooden panel painting: Effect of the frame, cradle and microclimate variations JULLIEN Delphine, Cecilia Gauvin, Jean-Christophe Dupré, Lorenzo Riparbelli, Marina Bousvarou, Pierre Stepanoff
  • The Three Ps in a sustainable practice: Persistence, patience, and perseverance KERR Amber, Bartosz Dajnowski
  • Nanomechanics of linen canvases treated with novel nanocellulose-based materials MADSEN Ida Høj, Alexandra Bridarolli, Cecil Krarup Andersen, Héctor Corte-León, Laurent Bozec, Marianne Odlyha
  • Stress-strain behavior of gelatin, sturgeon glue, and methylcellulose at fluctuating relative humidity SOPPA Karolina, Stefan Zumbühl
  • Recycling: The materials of Jan Schoonhoven’s reliefs VAN DER WERF Inez, Lydia Beerkens, Ruth Hoppe, Saskia Smulders, Suzan de Groot
  • Rembrandt’s eyes WADUM Jorgen

Photographic Materials

  • Identification of the early color photographs of Ducos du Hauron in the Natural History Museum of Lille BOUST Clotilde, Anne Wohlgemuth, Aude Dobrakowski, Eric Laval, Laurence Clivet
  • Sustainable reversible mountings for displaying and storing large-format photography at M+ Museum, Hong Kong GARCIA CELMA Marta, Sally Hui, Zaffer Chan
  • The Gevaert paper project. Registering, digitizing, and disclosing a photographic paper samples collection JENNÉ Thomas, Alexander Derveaux, Ann Deckers
  • A characterization of photo linen: Defining an atypical silver gelatine developing-out material KUNST-VAN DER GULIK Kayleigh
  • Conservation in support of access: The Johnson Publishing Company photo archive LOUGH Krista, Michèle Gates Moresi, Rachel Rivenc, Shannon Brogdon-Grantham, Steven Booth
  • Size matters while navigating change: The reprinting of Rineke Dijkstra’s «Beach Portraits» MARCHESI Monica
  • Carl August Steinheil’s pioneering daguerreotypes: Non-destructive investigation of his production and processing methods PAMPLONA Marisa, Élia Roldão, Clarimma Sessa, Cornelia Kemp, Eva Mariasole Angelin, Marisa Pamplona, Martin Jürgens
  • Thinking outside the box: Local and sustainable solutions for photographic enclosures in Lebanon TABET Rachel
  • Developing an innovative, future-oriented knowledge infrastructure for the conservation and accessibility of modern and contemporary photograph collections in The Netherlands WALDTHAUSEN Clara

Preventive Conservation

  • Xerophilic fungi in an artist studio museum: A preventive conservation framework and the risk of fungal growth BASTHOLM Camilla Jul, Andreas Bjerre, Anette Aalling, Anne Mette Madsen, Jane Richter
  • Updating the Netherlands’ Archives Act: Regulations and sustainability BEENTJES Gabrielle, Femke Prinsen, Marco Martens, Rick Kramer
  • Total immersion: Learnings from a catastrophic gallery flood BICKERSTETH Julian, Ashleigh Ralph, Fiona Tennant, Kay Soderlund
  • Developing a free web-based tool using the ABC Method to support sustainable risk management of cultural heritage COELHO Carla, José Luiz Pederzoli, Marcos José Pinheiro, Simon Lambert, Stefan Michalski, Wagner Silva
  • Early recovery after floods for large collections: Towards a toolbox for quicker resilience COLLANGES Françoise, Elke Otten, Marjolijn Debulpaep
  • A comparison of preservation metrics expressing mechanical, chemical and biological damage COSAERT Annelies, Renaud Gérard
  • Developing a collection center facility in Vestland, Norway: Challenges and perspectives COSIC Natalija, Ida Areklett Garmann
  • Developing a collection-wide, object-focused risk assessment: From COVID-19 response to comprehensive management tool GARSIDE Paul, Cordelia Rogerson, Karen Bradford, Sarah Hamlyn
  • Opto-technical monitoring and hygrothermal simulation of cultural heritage as a tool for identifying critical climate change-related relative humidity values inside buildings HOLL Kristina, Leander Pallas, Martin Krus, Paul Bellendorf, Thomas Löther
  • The road to a national plan for sustainable preservation and care of collections in Denmark JOHNSEN Jesper Stub, Kristiane Strætkvern, Lise Ræder Knudsen, Signe Lillebæk
  • Modelling and rapid assessment of risks to contemporary art collections displayed in non-museum spaces KARSTEN Irene, Marianne Breault
  • The necessity for new climate guidelines for cultural heritage in South Korea KIM Seojin, Bart Ankersmit, Byeong-moon kwak, Ho-cheol Ryu, Marc Stappers, Tae-hee Kim
  • Optimising the protection of the Kröller-Müller Museum’s wax-resin-lined van Gogh paintings from shocks and vibrations in transit KRACHT Kerstin, Madeleine Bisschoff, Margje Leeuwestein
  • Reviewing processes, relaxing parameters: On-collection climate research at the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen QUABECK Nina
  • Ambient temperature and humidity field simulation for environmental monitoring in museum exhibition spaces TANG Ming, Weixin Qian, Anmei Shi, Huan Zhang, Jing Liu, Min Liu
  • A climate balancing act: Negotiating environmental conditions for loans between different climate zones VILLANUEVA Margarita, Adriana Páez Cure, Agnes Brokerhof

Scientific Research

  • Dry methylcellulose foams: Investigation of simple foaming and drying methods for applications in the field of conservation and restoration BUNZ Sophie, Karolina Soppa, Magdalena Ritler, Nadim Scherrer, Sophie Bunz, Stefanie Bründler
  • A novel method for paper durability evaluation based on gas chromatography-mass spectrometry DING Li, Jianhui Liu, Qin Yang, Zheng Lee
  • Using digital capture and multi-criteria decision analysis to rank the impact of cleaning on feather preservation ELKIN Lisa, Julia Sybalsky, Michaela Paulson, Robert Waller
  • DISCOLL: An open-source research application for modeling the discoloration of paper-based collections LIU Yun
  • Nascent oxygen innovation in art conservation: Cold atmospheric pressure plasma-generated monoatomic oxygen for non-contact cleaning of works of art MARKEVICIUS Tomas, Agnieszka Suliga, Anton Nikiforov, Catarina Pires, Geert van der Snick, Gianluca Pastorelli, Ilaria Bonaduce, Klaas Jan van den Berg, Nan Yang, Nina Olsson, Silvia Pizzimenti
  • Fixed to last: The response of organic adhesives to changes in humidity RAVA Amarilli, Aviva Burnstock, Emma Richardson
  • Enrichment and detection of silk residues based on immunological techniques ZHENG Hailing, Hailiang Yang, Yang Zhou

Sculpture, Polychromy, and Architectural Decoration

  • From digital documentation to conservation strategies: The polychrome architectural paintings of ‘Baolunge,’ Anhui, China BAO Aidi, Yaya Lin, Yu Zheng
  • Uncovering forgotten ecclesiastical art: The case of Jérôme Duquesnoy’s polychromed Sacrament Tower DE CLERCQ Camille
  • Historical casts as a valuable witness for art historical research and sustainable conservation treatments of sculptures DE ROY Judy, Sam Huysmans
  • Red glazes from brazilwood dye: Findings in late medieval polychromy TAUBE Elisabeth, Astrid Roth, Jana Sanyova


  • Combining paintings and textile conservation approaches in the treatment of a silkwork picture CAMP Annabelle, Laura Mina, Matthew Cushman
  • To wash away or stay away: A controlled study of the fastness of indigo carmine dyes GARCIA-VEDRENNE Laura, Julie H Wertz
  • A 1000-year-old story told over 70 metres: A multidisciplinary approach for the future conservation and display of the Bayeux Tapestry GAUVIN Cécilia, Elodie Aparicio Bentz, Gilles Tournillon, Leïla Sauvage, Raphaëlle Déjean, Thalia Bajon Bouzid
  • Understanding old treatments: Oseberg textile artworks studied from the conservation perspective LUKESOVA Hana, Hartmut Kutzke
  • A vacuum of research? Examining textile vacuuming techniques RILEYBIRD Awyn, Catherine Matsen, Jocelyn Alcántara-García
  • Natural surfactants: A sustainable alternative for washing historic textiles TEMPLETON Rini Hazel, Satish Pandey
  • Research on styles of archaeological costumes during restoration WANG Shujuan, Rulin Yang

Theory, History, and Ethics of Conservation

  • Changing perceptions, changing curricula: Developments in the restoration program at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna during the 20th century EYB-GREEN Sigrid, Catherine Bouvier, Magdalena Schindler, Wolfgang Baatz
  • Monument restoration and social issues in Argentina GONZALEZ Virginia Fernanda, Constanza Ludueña
  • ‘Reflexive autoethnography’: Subjectivity, emotion and multiple perspectives in conservation decision making HENDERSON Jane, Ashley Lingle, Phil Parkes
  • Co-creation and partnership as keys to embed environmentally sustainable practices in conservation learning, teaching and future practice HERRIGES Marina, Karen Thompson
  • Gallery tone: The preference for tinted varnishes in the Mauritshuis and their discontinuation KISNER Paul, Abbie Vandivere, Marie Mundigler, Sabrina Meloni
  • Assembling a sustainable past: The role of conservation, expertise, and institutions in transforming archaeological heritage O’GRADY Caitlin
  • Needlewomen, gender notions, and the occupation of textile conservation SCATURRO Sarah
  • Wholeness and heritage: Medieval polychromy and loss compensation in Scandinavia STREETON Noëlle L.W.
  • Wax-resin lined or not? The transition from glue-paste lining to wax-resin lining at the Frans Hals Museum in the 19th century TE MARVELDE Mireille, Herman van Putten, Liesbeth Abraham
  • The power of creativity in nurturing sustainable development TRIÃES Ricardo, Ânia Chasqueira, Andreia Nogueira
  • Death re-enlightened: Conservation of Frederik Ruysch’s wet anatomical preparations—The Rembrandts of fluid-preserved specimens VAN DAM Andries, Abbie Vandivere, Carol Pottasch
  • Brief history of the first conservation laboratory in Türkiye: Kimyahane (House of Chemistry) YARLIGAS Vildan

Wet Organic Archaeological Materials

  • Wet archaeological leather conservation: A survey of contemporary practice in the Nordic countries RANDERZ Ellen, Elizabeth Peacock
  • Salt efflorescence on leather objects from the Vasa ship SANDSTRÖM Johanna, Francoise Mystere Amombo Noa, Helena Berg, Lars Öhrström, Marei Hacke
  • Non-destructive dendrochronology: Analysis of the influence of conservation agents in the wood structure with laboratory-based and synchrotron X-ray micro-computed tomography STELZNER Ingrid, Damian Gwerder, Elias Hamann, Jörg Stelzner, Jorge Martinez-Garcia, Marcus Zuber, Philipp Schuetz, Sebastian Million

Wood, Furniture, and Lacquer

  • ‘Lai rod nam’: Thai lacquer decoration at the wood court of King Sanphet VIII, Wat Sai BUNTEM Radchada
  • A multi-analytical approach to the characterization of Chinese yellow and green carved lacquer layers CHANG Julie, Michael Schilling
  • Unravelling a 17th century prison escape: The quest to identify the original Hugo Grotius’ bookchest DOMÍNGUEZ-DELMÁS Marta, Francien G. Bossema, Jan Dorscheid, K. Joost Batenburg, Paul van Duin, Robert van Langh
  • Solarization treatment on insect-infested wooden artefacts in Nigerian museums: A case study OKPALANOZIE Ogechukwu, Ibrahim Kamndu
  • Developing conservation practices for cleaning gilded surfaces: Applications for xPVOH-borax organogels to clean two gilded frames TOBIN Genevieve, Malgorzata Sawicki
  • Conservation of the Qianlong-era red sandalwood pagoda in the Hall of Mental Cultivation, Palace Museum, Beijing XIE Yangfan, Le Wei, Xueyan Zhang, Daran Qin, Hanwen Liu, Yan Xun, Yong Lei
  • Restoration and protection of the Qing Dynasty Coromandel lacquer screens ZHU Ying, Jinzhang He, Lan Zhang