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Discover the future of audio guides with Nubart, a profitable digital solution designed specifically for museums. Our cutting-edge multimedia audio guide system will enhance your visitors’ experience while boosting your museum’s revenue. 

With Nubart, we’ve created a seamless and user-friendly approach. Say goodbye to the hassle of downloading audio guide apps and the burden of maintaining audio tour devices. Our system revolves around beautiful, non-transferable cards embedded with unique codes. These cards provide controlled access to our intuitive PWA/web-app that houses the multimedia audio guide. It’s a simple, elegant solution that guarantees convenience for both you and your visitors. 

Our audio guide cards achieve an astounding take-up rate of 45-85 percent of your visitors when they are included in the price of admission. 

But that’s not all. Building on our card-based system, Nubart Live also offers digital tour guide systems that replace traditional radio-guides for your docent-guided tours. 

Finally, with Nubart Sync, you can also take your video-explainers to the next level by pairing them with multilingual audio that is streamed in perfect lip-sync synchronisation. Our system is Brightsign compatible, so it integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. Best of all? All you need to achieve synchronization is an Internet connection – no infrared, no apps, and no additional hardware.


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