With 40+ years of experience in video microscopy and over 50 systems sold worldwide to the most prestigious museums and art restoration institutions, HIROX is the pioneer and technological leader in this field.

The HIROX HRX-01 – 3D Digital Microscope – is a portable high resolution inspection device with 2D/3D measurement capabilities allowing magnification from 0.1x up to 10,000x (the widest magnification range in digital microscopy).

We develop hybrid & flexible systems with multiple lenses, lightings, softwares, XYZ motorized stands to inspect and measure all kinds of objects in museums such as the Louvre, the Rijksmuseum, the National Gallery, the Tate for example.

It can be used for research or for conservation and offers a unique versatility in its form, in the zoom range as well as in the illumination techniques.

We also developed the unique & patented Hirox Rotary-Head with 360° motorized angle-inspection: no need to move the sample or the stand to have dynamic inspection and see details that would usually require complex operation or destructive techniques. It gives invaluable insights into the surface of works of art, allows detection and documentation of cracks and is perfect for documenting and sharing with other scientist as well for the public.


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