The Programme

Is this information final?

This is an enormous and unique event involving a number of activities, so the programme and other details might undergo some unexpected, minor modifications and tweaks as the Conference approaches. Any modification will be announced here in a timely fashion.

Impromptu meetings

When will I be able to book the room for an impromptu meeting?

From 11th September, 2023 and until the end of the Conference.

What do I need to do to organise an impromptu meeting?

Just let us know and we will book the room for you.

How much do impromptu meetings cost?

They are free for any delegate wishing to organise one.

How long can an impromptu meeting last?

Up to 80 minutes.


Who can benefit from the reduced student fee?

All young students (a) in a cultural heritage-related programme of any level within a higher education institution may register with a reduced student fee. You just need to send a copy of a valid student ID to this email address. We will usually send the authorisation within two working days.

How can I benefit from the ICOM-CC membership?

You need to tick the relevant box during the registration process. As an ICOM-CC member or ICOM-CC Friend you will pay a lower registration fee. This will be checked against the ICOM-CC members database.

Can I get my money back if I change my mind?

Yes, under certain conditions. The registration fee may be fully refunded if requested at least three months before the beginning of the Conference or earlier. If the request is made between three months and one month before the beginning Conference, only 50% of the registration will be refunded. There is a 10€ processing fee in both cases. The registration fee cannot be refunded less than one month before the Conference.

What if the pandemic or some other unexpected circumstance makes the event not viable?

Needless to say, we are not expecting this to happen, but at the time of writing this text, this is still a possibility. If it is impossible to hold an in-person Conference, the Conference will go online. The price for the online Conference will be announced in due time. The price difference between the online and the in-person event will be returned to all registered delegates.


Does the organisation offer Conference+hotel packages?

We are planning to do so, but we have not fully implemented this option yet. We will offer a limited number of packages that will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis. Valencia does have plenty of lodging possibilities on offer, from hotels to tourist apartments at a variety of prices. You will find more info in the ‘Valencia’ tab.


Gala dinner

How can I book a seat at the gala dinner?

You can do so during the registration process or up until Monday 18th September.

Technical Visits

When will the list of available technical visits be published?

The complete list will come out in early 2023.

How can I book a technical visit?

At the moment of registration, or during the Conference if there are seats available. Note, however, that each visit will have a maximum number of participants and that any available spots will be assigned as they are requested.

How will I get to the site of the technical visit?

Buses will take the delegates from the UPV campus to the visit site and back.


Is it ‘Valencia’ or ‘València’?

The official name of the city is ‘València’, as it is spelled in the local language. However, ‘Valencia’ (the Spanish spelling of the name) will work just as well. Both are valid in every case.