The Programme

Is this information final?

This is an enormous and unique event involving a number of activities, so the programme and other details might undergo some unexpected, minor modifications and tweaks as the Conference approaches. Any modification will be announced here in a timely fashion.

Impromptu meetings

When will I be able to book the room for an impromptu meeting?

From 11th September, 2023 and until the end of the Conference.

What do I need to do to organise an impromptu meeting?

Just let us know and we will book the room for you.

How much do impromptu meetings cost?

They are free for any delegate wishing to organise one.

How long can an impromptu meeting last?

Up to 80 minutes.


Who can benefit from the reduced student or young conservator fee?

All ICOM-students members or any person born in 1998 or later. You will be requested to send a proof of age to congresos@cfp.upv.es. 

How can I benefit from being an ICOM member or an ICOM-CC Friend?

You need to choose the relevant category during the registration process, note your ICOM member or ICOM-CC-Friend number, and check the relevant if you are a voting member. As an ICOM-CC member or ICOM-CC Friend you will pay a lower registration fee. This will be checked against the ICOM-CC members database.

Can I get my money back if I change my mind?

Yes, under certain conditions. The participant may cancel his or her registration at any time until 16 July 2023. If the registration is canceled before 17 April 2023, the participant will be refunded the total price of the registration, less a managing fee of 38€. If the participant cancels the registration after 16 April 2023, the participant will be refunded 50% of the registration fee. If the participant cancels the registration after July 16 2023, the registration will not be refunded. Note that the participant may transfer the registration to another person in the same fee category or lower.


Does the organisation offer Conference+hotel packages?

No, we do not, but Valencia does have different lodging possibilities on offer, from hotels to tourist apartments at a variety of prices. However, we offer the option to conveniently plan your trip through the Transvía platform that you will find in the upper tabs. Transvía offers a selection of hotels at very advantageous prices. 

Conference dinner

How can I book a seat at the Conference dinner?

You can do so during the registration process or up until Monday 18th September.

Technical Visits

When will the list of available technical visits be published?

The technical visits will be included in the list as the visits are confirmed. The list will be complete in the spring of 2023.

How can I book a technical visit?

After the list is complete, or during the Conference. Note, however, that each visit will have a maximum number of participants and that any available spots will be assigned as they are requested.


Is it ‘Valencia’ or ‘València’?

The official name of the city is ‘València’, as it is spelled in the local language. However, ‘Valencia’ (the Spanish spelling of the name) will work just as well. Both spellings are valid in all cases.