Emma Nardi

ICOM President

Emma Nardi

ICOM-CC President
short bio

Emma Nardi graduated in Humanities with specialization in Art and French Literature, at University of Rome La Sapienza and after some years she enrolled at La Sapienza University again to study Sociology because she wanted to specialize in survey methods. 

Emma is a former full professor of Museum Education at the Faculty of Educational Sciences of Roma Tre University in Rome where she founded the first University Museum Education Centre in Italy. She has taught at the École du Louvre and Institut National du Patrimoine in Paris as visiting professor.

During her carrier Emma Nardi worked with museums and exhibition centres to develop projects concerning museum education.


In 2007 Emma was elected CECA president and served for two terms (2007-2013). With the precious help of Colette Dufresne-Tassé and MariaClarté o’Neill she launched the CECA Best Practive Award. During this period the number of CECA members almost doubled. The abstracts of all projects presented for the CECA Best Practice were gathered in five publications that members can consult on CECA website and in ICOM library.

​In 2015, Emma was elected for the first time ordinary member of the ICOM Executive Board. A few months later, she became ICOM treasurer. In 2021 Emma Nardi resigned as treasurer but continued to be chair of The Standing Allocation of Resources Committee (SAREC), launching the Solidarity Projects.

On August 24 at ICOM’s Prague 2022 General Conference Emma successfully run for President and has been acting as the official representative of ICOM ever since.