About the Conference Dinner

For those of you who will attend the Conference dinner,  here is some information from the organization:

The Conference dinner will start with a cocktail starting at 19:30. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO BRING YOUR BADGE (OR TICKET) WITH YOU.

Also, if you have special dietary needs, PLEASE DO NOT FORGET YOUR SPECIAL DIET TICKET.

The seats are not assigned, except for those of the Valencia 2023 NOC and the ICOM-CC Directory boards, which are identified with a sign. Feel free to sit in any other free seat in either the lower or upper floor.

The dinner will end at between at around 22:30. The easiest way to get back to the city center is by booking a cab, Uber or Cabify.

Those of you feeling like having a late drink can walk to some of the pubs or music bars around the Las Arenas Hotel, or find some in the historic city center: try, for example, those in the Calle Caballeros.